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    Help keep the virus from spreading! Machine washable fabric mask, it is not FFP but contributes to your protection and that of the pilots around you.

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    Pack for beginner lowland pilots\r\n\r\nVoile Alpha 6, homologated A\r\nRadical 3 reversible harness\r\n

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    Altivario with G-Meter, averager and Thermal Finder.

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    SYS'Nav 3 is an alti vario GPS with G-meter and mondial Airspaces.The best for competition and cross

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    The ultimate instrument for safe flying, racing and breaking records.

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    The Wouxun KGUV9D + radio is the new walkie-talkie essential for paramotor and paraglider pilots who fly beyond the take-off ground.Homologation RED Transmission + reception 136-174 Mhz and 400-520 Mhz Power of 1-5 watts in VHF and 1-4W in UHF 7-band VHF-UHF scanner on reception. VHF AM band reception (aircraft band) FM radio to set the mood Led...

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  • 5 758,33 € Delivery time about 5 days. Consult us

    The must of paramotor chassis: Composed of carbon fabrics cut with lazer, the new chassis of the Adventure brand was tested at 15G with a weight of 125kg (a paraglider is tested at 5G). The lightest of the market, it is intended for leisure pilots as for accro pilots.This is a basic version without harness and without propeller.The Complete...

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    Come fly with me. The sixth generation of ALPHA has the most modern technologies:- An arrangement of lines oversimplified- Air Scoop for an amplitude of even larger brakes- Shaping the 3D for more performance.- A weight significantly reduced.Remains unchanged: the very simple launch behavior..

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    Delivery time about 5 days. Consult us

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