Record de distance avec une Nova Aonic

Published : 02/5/2023 10:56:04
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Record de distance avec une Nova Aonic

Record with the new EN-A certified Aonic Nova

The “EN-A” category is often associated with “sailing-school” but the AONIC is much more than that. With it, the Swiss pilot Toni Brügger set a record during a 214km FAI triangle flight a few months ago.

EN-A World Record!

After this first record, he continues on a flight of 247km and beats his own record!

“This AONIC is fantastic (♪): very intuitive, super stable and an efficient turn that makes it easy to center thermals, even in the most intense spring conditions”.

The standard or Light AONIC will also delight more experienced pilots who wish to fly more serenely.

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