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Parachute folding service

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We Ventilate and fold the dome or Rogalo type parachutes and check your extraction pod.

Send your order with your parachute and your pod (important as it is also checked) to:

51 rue de la gare
57330 Zoufftgen

It will be returned as soon as possible, airy and folded.

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To allow their shortest possible extraction time, parachutes need to be ventilated and folded each year.

Specialized in dome or Rogalo type parachutes folding, we propose to take care of your rescue parachute ventilation and folding.

On request we are also able to offer folding courses to bring you to greater autonomy .

To be Read:

The parachute is now part of the basic equipment of paraglider and paramotor. It is a passive safety, as well as helmet, back protector ( foam, airbag or Paramotor cage ).

If more and more pilots are equipped with parachutes, they generally lack the most basic information to ensure proper operation. Do not think that using a parachute comes down to draw a red handle because there are many constraints :

- Pre-flight: check the position of the needles.
- Maintenance: ventilate parachute at least once per year
- Use: do not remain clinging to the handle during takeoff or during a formal voluntary leaving.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions :

When should I pull the handle?

Irreversible output of the flight caused by:
- An air collision .
- The use of a wing which level does not allow the pilot to manage.
- A breakdown of equipment ( prefer an annual review of your equipment ).

Which parachute to choose?

- Apex
- Double dome
- Rogallo

The APEX parachute :

It is provided with a central suspension line to bend the top of the parachute and its rate of decrease falling rate.


- Quick opening.
- Rate of fall entirely correct.
- Affordable.


- Not steerable.

The double dome parachute :

Consisting of an upper and a lower dome separated by small gaps .


- Quick opening.
- Rate of fall entirely correct.
- More stable overhead.


- A little more expensive than Apex.

The Rogallo parachute :

It has a triangular shape and is steerable .


- Steerable
- Rate of fall entirely correct


- The most expensive.
- Folding more complicated.
- Higher risk of mirror effect.

Which emergency position to choose on the harness?

All positions have advantages and disadvantages.

In the lower back :

- All tidy and compact


- Invisible handle.
- Can create a hard spot in the back in case of fall.
- Technical throwing movement because of the straps length.

In the upper back ( behind the head) :

Has faded away from paragliding but still present in Paramotor .


- Big energy possible for the extraction


- Invisible handle.
- If centrifugal force you can not get the handle.
- High risk of launching the parachute in the plaraglider cone of lines.

Lateral :

- Handle a little more visible.
- All tidy and compact.


- Asymmetry of weight shift.

In ventral :

- Handle visible.
- Can be used with the left hand and right hand.
- Quick and easy disassembly for light flights or near the ground flights.


- Handling a bit tedious every tear
- Possible error of handling
- Bulkier

Under the buttocks :

Sub-cutal position is the most used in paragliding and virtually unknown in Paramotor .


- Handle visible
- Weight on the center of gravity of the pilots
- Movement of extraction more natural


- Frequent contact with soil moist
- If the harness board breaks, verify if it does not prevent the extraction of emergency

Why the parachute suspension lines should be shorter than the wing?

Not to suffer depression of the wing which would prevent it from opening or will deflate

How to attach the parachute to the harness ?

The parachute is attached to the harness with straps ( riser supplied with the reserve parachute)
- A link ( 7mm ) connects the parachute to the straps
- Two links ( 6mm ) connect the straps to the harness

The harness fixing points are located at the shoulders but for paramotor , some harnesses are devoid of these hooks . It is then necessary to find another solution.

How to maintain your reserve parachute ?

As a glider , you must:
- Store in the shade in a dry place
- Avoid sitting above ( especially when the soil is wet)
- Ventilate and fold in a clean, dry place ( every 6 months )

What type of lift choose?

For a long time, it was advised to choose elevators in H. But these have proven to be much less stable than the elevators V.