The Miniplane had its heyday in the 2000s. Reference in the world of the Paramotor for lightness, reliability and silence, it has since been caught by the competition. It is currently still a safe bet especially for beginners or light pilots who are looking for a machine not too expensive.

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  • Complete Miniplane

    Miniplane fixed or mobile canes with Top80 or Polini motor with cage 125 or 115

  • Chassis Miniplane

    Miniplane paramotors frame and chassis and related parts: carrying handle, Clips, mobile sticks, calipers, pads, mounting poles, Cavalier, conical tubes hoops, nets, rings, fiberglass fittings Paramotor Miniplane

  • Miniplane propellers

    Wood or carbon propellers and propeller parts for all paramotors Miniplane Top80

  • Miniplane Harness

    Related to the harness parts: shackles, wooden board, carrying handle, aluminum calipers mobile butts, upper connection hoops hub fixing screw paramotor Miniplane

  • Per il Volo Top 80

    Parts for the Top 80 engine which, even if it has been on the market since the 90s, has proven and always proven itself in terms of reliability

  • Miniplane tank

    Spare tank, filters, belts paramotor Miniplane

  • Miniplane Tools

    Tools specially designed for the maintenance of Paramotor Miniplane.