Selection of the main brands of paramotor (Adventure, Miniplane, ...) for beginners to confirmed pilots. sale of paramotor Adventure and Miniplane parts.

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  • Paramotor Pack

    Pack Adventure, Miniplane and other branded complete with mobile or 3D rods, motors from 80cm3 to 185cm3, comfort or light harness, manual or electric start.

  • Paramotors Harnesses

    Related to the harness parts: shackles, wooden board, carrying handle, aluminum calipers mobile butts, upper connection hoops hub fixing screw paramotor

  • Paramotor propellers

    Propellers and accessories for paramotor propeller assembly

  • Paramotor Oil

    Modern motor oils. Oil mixture, gear oil paramotor

  • Paramotor Accessories

    Parts and accessories: safety accessories: Paramotor helmets, parachutes, - accessories for your culture and preparation Patent books DVDs, accessories to assist you in flight: vario GPS Accessories include: hardware

  • Parts Paramotor

    Parts specific to different brands of paramotor

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    The Swiss army knife of the paramotor : Sturdy for beginners, balanced for acrobats, adaptable on a trolley for tandem flights and/or solo pilots who have difficulty walking, the Tinox paramotor is truly versatile. PAP, the manufacturer of the Tinox, has been offering paramotors since 1989. Delivered withPropeller Helix 125cm,130cm or 140cm Zicral...

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    The bag for your cage: Allows you to store cage, net, rods, battery and other accessories that you carry with your favorite paramotor.

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  • 1 250,00 € Delivery time info per Email

    PAP Paramotor Trike with standard wheels + transport bag and line support clip

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items