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    Free flight manual is the bedside book of all paragliders grass. It is essential to prepare the pilot's Paragliding tool and a valuable aid for Paramotor pilot.

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    A real guide to aerology for all flying people. The essential complement for all paraglider, paramotor, glider and / or ULM pilots who want to go a little further in understanding their flight environment.

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    This book prepares the candidate to pass the theoretical microlight license. It covers all types of lightweight aeroplanes while addressing priority to Paramotor pilot. Concise, it provides quick and easy access to the desired information. A reference book.

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    This book prepares the future paramotor pilot to review theoretical ULM exam. He is leaning over 400 multiple choice questions. Each response is guided by clear explanations.

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    Learn how to collect and analyze meteorological data and anticipate the formation of dangerous phenomena for paragliding-paramotor: formation of storms, related phenomena such as lightning, hail and leprechauns.The author takes stock of modern observation and forecasting technologies such as radars or satellites,

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items