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Weather guide - Visitors from the sky - 5th edition


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A real guide to aerology for all flying people. The essential complement for all paraglider, paramotor, glider and / or ULM pilots who want to go a little further in understanding their flight environment.

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Published in the 90s, it is a french manual designed especially for paraglider, paramotor, hang glider, glider, balloon and Ulm pilots.

It quickly became "The Reference" in meteorology in the middle of the steering wheels.

This 5th edition is even more complete, easy to read with updated illustrations and new stories that we remember for a long time.

After reading this book, thermal flight, fronts and climatology will no longer hold any secrets for you.

For the glider pilot, it is an excellent introduction to the more complex works intended for them. It gives the airplane pilot essential complements on small-scale aerology, turbulence and the French climate.

The book is intended as a guide with theoretical explanations, practical advice, photos and explanatory diagrams. There are, in addition, testimonies and stories of thefts by the dozen to illustrate the words of each chapter.

A particularly detailed index and a glossary of terms used in weather reports allow you to quickly find the information you are looking for.




Publisher: Retina
ISBN: 2-00-015401-8
EAN: 5552000154016
Nb. Pages: 416 pages
Weight: 870 g
Dimensions: 15.3cm x 23.2cm x 2.6cm