Round parachutes are usually the easiest to retreat. They are very reliable even if you need one more second to open than a square parachute

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    Approved new generation reserve parachute (supplied without links and straps)Companion is the new brand of high-quality emergency parachutes that is distinguished by a scientific product development. Joint venture companies of EVOTEC and ADVANCE combines immense expertise personified by paragliding legends like Hannes Papesh, Peter Mack and Mike Küng.

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    Lightest rescue parachute in the world (supplied without links and straps)It’s not just the sensational weight, but the small pack volume as well that has decided X-Alps title defender Chrigel Maurer and successful X-Alps and world class pilots Sebastian Huber, Aaron Durogati and Toma Coconea to take the SQR Light along with them this...

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    Ready to use set:\n\napproved emergency parachute.\nparachute pocket with cockpit\nwebbing\nquick links to secure the assembly to the harness.\n\n \nEspecially suitable for paramotor or paragliding pilots whose harnesses are not equipped with a parachute pocket.\nBig advantage : the cockpit can accommodate the flight instruments and possibly the radio.\n

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    Ultra-light ready-to-use set consisting of a SQR brand square round rescue parachute and the latest generation of ultra light parachute pocket

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    Top-of-the-range reserve parachute approved for an opening speed of up to 180 km/h.

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