Parachute rescue Companion SQR Classic

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Approved new generation reserve parachute (supplied without links and straps)

Companion is the new brand of high-quality emergency parachutes that is distinguished by a scientific product development. Joint venture companies of EVOTEC and ADVANCE combines immense expertise personified by paragliding legends like Hannes Papesh, Peter Mack and Mike Küng.

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The concept "Round Square" takes the best of both worlds:

The SQR Hybrid represents a new generation of emergency parachutes that merges the advantages of conventional round parachutes and parachute cross.

SQR is the result of a completely new development and is oriented specifically towards the needs of pilots and emergency parachutes tuckers.

Countless computer simulations and practical tests have been an integral part of the process requiring development. The result is a parachute with high aerodynamic efficiency at high pendulum stability.

In the standard version, the Companion is already one of the lightest emergency parachutes that are.

Overview of the advantages of Round Square (SQL)

  • Improved behavior at the opening and optimum pendulum stability through "airjets".
  • Reduced weight due to optimized selection of materials.
  • A simple fold, like a round parachute, through practical folding aid.
  • The operating time of a parachute is 10 years while that of an SQR can be extended to 12 years (see condition on

Other features

  • Very few hangers for easy detangling.
  • Tested for water landings! Through a proven blend of new materials resistant to shrinkage.
  • Low sink rate and high pendulum stability.
  • Security when folding through practical aids and a simple manual for folding.
  • Approval by all flight standards

Comparison with other types of parachutes

Parachute Square Round Advance