Throttle Caméléon v3

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The Caméléon is to the throttles what the smart phone to mobile phones is ... A revolution.

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The Caméléon accelerator fits all paramotors. This ergonomic control allows to manage the power of your machine with your finger and release your hands to keep proper control of your paraglider.

New in V3

  • Version 3 of the Caméléon throttle allows better accessibility of the emergency stop button (OFF). On previous versions, some pilots were struggling to operate this button in case of stress because their reflex was to "open" their hand, which put the rocker away their thumb. The new switches radically deported to the thumb, is now suitable for all pilots and students in particular.
  • As in free flight, flight controls handles can be taken with both hands, which will facilitate learning with paragliding pilots.
  • The acceleration is done with the middle finger, which can be released instantly to let the ten fingers free to do something else. The cruise control is always present to ensure the engine speed if engaged.
  • The V2 version is scalable thanks to a KIT V3 adaptation.

What does not change

  • Shockproof flexible material.
  • Ergot protecting OFF toggle hooks of the hangers.
  • Setting touch switches from the outside, to set the trigger sensitivity.
  • ON removable clips and easily replaceable in case of breakage.
  • Feeding switches ON and OFF independent, branching into 4 wires, let start with universal electric motor and the emergency stop.
  • Comes with 2 meters of cable to adjust as necessary, stop the motor end caps sheath (steel cable clamp included mounting possibility of the control cable in both directions, crimping end of carburetor or side cable side Caméléon) and the booklet Installation
  • The throttle exists for Caméléon right-handed and left-handed
  • Gas locking system (cruiser control) integrated notched

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I install Cameleon on all types of Paramotor ?

Yes, your Cameleon installs in place of your existing grip on all types of Paramotor and carburetor , within the limit of maximum deflection of 35 mm from the trigger. You must measure carburetor side , the maximum length of cable that enters the sheath. Note that for diaphragm carburetors , you can play this length with different points of attachment of the cable tie on the lever , which is not the case for the carburetor bowl.

Can I put my gloves with the Cameleon ?


Are functions easily available?

The function is accessible emergency stop operable thumb . The cruise control was deliberately made more easily accessible, as it should be switched to a safe altitude. We put so releases the detent with the other hand . With a little practice , everything is done with one hand.

Isn’t it too difficult to action the throttle with the middle finger, aren’t there risks to get cramps?

If you do not have difficulty to operate your current handle, often with two fingers (sometimes with the little and ring fingers ), you 'll have no trouble pulling the Cameleon trigger.


Camemeon User Manual

Caméléon gas control user manual

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