Pap Team now distributed by MosAiles Shop

Published : 09/11/2022 06:57:49
Categories : The MosAiles Shop

Pap Team now distributed by MosAiles Shop

It is now official, MosAiles Shop completes its paramotor catalog with the international brand PAP.

Founded in 1989, it was she who invented the now essential concept of mobile rods and its durability is the guarantee of a long-term after-sales service.

The machines offered offer an exemplary quality/price ratio, the frames use solutions that have been matured for a long time and the engines selected by the brand cover absolutely all needs.

Famous pilots have chosen PAP such as Raul Rodriguez, 9 times world champion in acrobatics and inventor of the SAT (mythical acrobatic figure) or Ramon Morillas, distance record in 2007 (1105 kilometers) and altitude record in 2009 (7808m ).

You now have every chance of finding your happiness in the range of solutions offered by Mosailes Shop.

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