Harness Advance Success 5

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SUCCESS 5 : Even more protection and a whole new look!

The SUCCESS 5 is a top-of-the-range sport seated position harness with maximum safety.
It is aimed at pilots who attach great importance to great comfort and aerodynamics.

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The SUCCESS 5 offers a completely reworked design that kicks off a new visual identity.

For once, safety is at the center of Advance's priorities. Thus, the SUCCESS 5 has an additional SAS-TEC element on the entire back part. Completely redesigned, the protection is much more efficient in terms of damping, for a folded volume reduced by 20%.

An optional Hook-Knife can be integrated into the shoulder strap.

The Balance-Strap-System, which facilitates installation and straightening in the harness, has obviously been retained.

To avoid spoiling anything, the harness has a sharp design that ensures a very beautiful silhouette and the best possible aerodynamics.

Weight: about 4 kg

Sizes: S (155 to 172 cm), M (165 to 187 cm) and L (175 to 202 cm)

Colors: Coral Blue and Sahara Brown.