Paraglider ADVANCE PI 3

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PI 3 - Light Versatility

Enjoy the freedom and versatility - in the air and on the ground. The new PI 3 is one of the lightest production fenders on the market combined with excellent performance in a small storage space. It is also one of the most versatile paragliders. Whether it's thermal flight, Hike & Fly or mini wing.

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2 649,17 €


3 116,67 €

Data sheet

Paramotor cert.No
Weight kg2.4

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Paramotor use :

This wing cannot be approved for paramotor use

Technical Data :

PI 3161921232527
Weight range EN/LTF Akg--60-8570-9580-10592-115
Weight range EN/LTF Bkg-50-9585-10095-110105-120115-125
Weight range EN/LTF Ckg50-90-----
Flat surfacem216.
Projected surfacem21416.718.420.121.923.7
Certified takeoff weightkg50-9050-9560-10070-11080-12092-125
Ideal range thermalkg-50-6560-7570-8580-9792-110
Ideal range Hike & Flykg50-7065-8575-9085-10097-110110-125
Ideal range miniwingkg70-9085-9590-100100-110110-120-
Glider weightkg1.852.152.552.752.953.15
Projected spanm7.
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Max. chordm2.342.552.682.812.933.05
Number of cells383838383838