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    Altivario with G-Meter, averager and Thermal Finder.

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  • 332,50 € In stock

    SYS'Nav 3 is an alti vario GPS with G-meter and mondial Airspaces.The best for competition and cross

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  • 415,83 € In stock

    The SYS'Nav XL is an alti-vario-GPS with:     Bluetooth GPS     Global airspaces     World topography     Competition compatibleIt is the ideal altimeter for pilots who need a device for everyday, long distance and competitive flights.

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  • 577,50 € 597,50 € Lieferz. info per E-Mail

    More than an Alti Vario GPS, an on-board computer The Air3 7.3 is a touchscreen tablet offering autonomy, responsiveness, screen quality and a modern communication system. Supplied as standard with the world-leading XCTrack Pro application, it is capable of displaying all the information you are looking for.

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  • 2 375,00 € In stock

    The result of 12 years of soaring The Puffin is the soaring wing at LittleCloud. A worthy descendant of the Goose range, it benefits from all the experience acquired in the world of mini sailing over the past 12 years, plus the latest findings.

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  • 4 075,00 € Delivery time info per Email

    A NEW ERA BEGINS IOTA 3 becomes IOTA DLS. It is still rated B+. Already efficient and easy to handle, it has been significantly lightened. DLS stands for DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE and represents a new development that combines structural innovations with a unique mix of materials.

    4 075,00 €
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  • 2 928,25 € 3 445,00 € -15% In stock

    Bring your skills to "A+" level The new AONIC offers a level of performance and agility of class EN-A + while remaining suitable for novice pilots thanks to its passive safety. Distance record : 247km, more info here...

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  • 3 358,33 € Delivery time info per Email

    FURTHER FASTER! ! This is the new Full REFLEX recreational wing at ITV. Intermediate level / performance, it is dedicated to the paramotor. It perfectly combines speed, precision and efficiency, while maintaining a maximum level of passive safety.

    3 358,33 €
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  • 783,75 € 825,00 € -5% In stock

    Reversible harness and extremely lightweight.Supplied with 2 carabiners.Optional: airbag with integrated reserve parachute pocket and lift linkage connected to the shoulder straps.

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  • 750,83 € 883,33 € -15% In stock

    LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORT, PASSIVE SAFETY & PRE-INFLATED AIRBAG It is a reversible harness, comfortable and light. Very suitable for on-site flights, it is also intended for pilots who travel.It is a harness with passive safety effective from takeoff.*** Trials and adjustments in stores ***

    750,83 € 883,33 € -15%
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  • 2 958,00 € In stock

    EASY AND EXCEPTIONAL SAFETY! The BOXER 2 is intended for novice pilots who fly with Paramotor. Modern design (ILT, 3D shaping, IRS), detangling and easy implementation, guarantee easy take-off, fly and landing.

    2 958,00 €
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  • 1 108,33 € In stock

    SUCCESS 5 : Even more protection and a whole new look! The SUCCESS 5 is a top-of-the-range sport seated position harness with maximum safety.It is aimed at pilots who attach great importance to great comfort and aerodynamics. *** Testing and trimmings Free in store ***

    1 108,33 €
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