Base gaskets.

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Base gasket paramotor engine Miniplane Top 80

Available in several thicknesses:

  • 0.2mm
  • 0.3mm
  • 0.4mm
  • 0.5mm
  • 0.6mm

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This gasket is made of special thin paper. It is resistant to sudden changes in temperature and chemical agents.
It must ensure a perfect and tight contact between the cylinder and the engine block.
It prevents the pressure generated by the descent of the piston from leaking out of the cylinder.
It is resistant to very high thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses so that it is one of the essential parts for the proper functioning of the engine Top80. It is therefore important to follow the maintenance manual by regularly checking the tightness of the cylinder head.
This seal must also allow the passage of the assembly gland stud between the cylinder head and cylinder block.

How to choose the Base gaskets?

Check that the distance between the piston (top position) and the base of the head cylinder is between 0.70 and 0.75 mm