Harness Neo Stay Up

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The Ultra Light cocoon seen by NEO :

Exceptional weight / stability ratio: 1.45 kg, preformed seat shape make it the ultra-light cocoon offering the most relaxed flights.
It has the same basic geometry as the Suspender NEO, known for its stability and precision in its turn.
With it, trekking or hike and fly is within your reach.

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In short :

NEO manufactures outdoor sports textile products, and in this sector, is one of the rare exceptions: NEO designs its products in Haute-Savoie and manufactures them in its own workshops, 100% in France using exclusively European raw materials. NEO has an ethical view of the business. This vision is new in our sector of activity, because it rejects the mass consumption induced by delocalized production which generates overproduction:

    to lower unit costs, subcontractors ask to produce in quantity, more than demand requires
    the ranges renewed every year, require production in advance, more than necessary.

In contrast, NEO adapts its production to customers' needs and offers them high-end, innovative and technologically advanced products. This is why, to succeed in this challenge, NEO has chosen to produce 100% French.

The Neo Stay UP is made 100% in France with materials specially developed by NEO such as the hyper abrasion and tear resistant Dyneema ripstop, which makes this product exclusive and incomparable.

This ultra-light cocoon is equipped with the new Koroyd shock absorption technology: the removable NEO Koroyd 2.0 protection.

Sizes :

Sizes pilot*cm<165160-170165-185>175
weight pilot*kg<6050-8055-9 5>70
Height of linkscm43,54546,548
Waist strap widthcm42-4742-4742-4742-47
Harness weight**kg--1,450-
Harness weight completekg--1,790-
Load test EN 1651- LTF91/09 : 100kg
Homologation NEO Koroyd 2.0 LTF 91/09 - CE
Lite bagl70/90

The geometry and the NEO bucket :

The main design work on this cocoon was done on the geometry from the Suspender, the Cross NEO harness and on the seat. The objective is to provide the pilot with a very stable harness, not very tiring and very precise in turns.

Like the Suspender, the Stay Up is a cocoon integrating a mix of seat with board and hammock.

On the StayUp, the concept of the seat has been understood differently: the seat of the Suspender is rigid, the seat of the StayUp is created by its preformed seat.

The result is similar, although the StayUp is not rigid and can be flown with or without Koroyd protection.


The creation and adjustment of the geometry focused on the following axes :  

  • the positioning of the center of gravity, the basis of the design of any harness, for balance and stability.
  • the positioning of this center of gravity was obtained thanks to a lot of work
  • this clamps, to obtain the 3D preformed seat.
  • the precise adjustment of the "classic" type ABS for roll management.
  • the perfect adjustment of the longitudinal balance to manage the yaw.
  • the addition of a superior ABS for oblique attacks in thermal and which allows felt the "racquet hits" of the wing tips.
  • the waist adjustment (between 42 and 47cm) influences the management of the roll.
  • the general balance to find the right compromise between stability, air mass feedback and cornering control.

In flight, we therefore obtain :

  • an outer thigh support maintaining the energy of the turn and allowing "carving".
  • ultra-precise cornering control.
  • the preformed seat allows the pilot's center of gravity to be placed in the right place.
  • the preformed seat allows you to fly relaxed without being sheathed as in the majority of ultra-light cocoons

The comfort of the preformed seat :

  • the NEO concept of the bucket allows you to obtain unparalleled comfort in an ultra-light cocoon, the feeling of immediately finding your exact place.
  • the balance between the tub and the cocoon part allows you to relax your upper body and legs in flight.
  • fiberglass back slats help steal loose shoulder straps and prevent back fatigue on long flights.
  • multiple and precise adjustments: lateral, depth / lumbar, lumbar hollow, ventral, shoulders and chest. An ultralight cocoon must offer a wide possibility of adjustment: this type of harness is like a second skin and must be able to be precisely adjusted to all types of body type. All settings do not have to be used.
  • Once adjusted, the StayUp seat has no hard points, and allows you to fly for hours without problem.

Lightness :

Specific materials have been developed by the NEO R&D team with European suppliers around the concept of the 3D preformed seat :

  • Dyneema fabric: NEO has developed with its main supplier of technical fabrics, a Dyneema / Polyamide ripstop fabric that is highly resistant to abrasion, deformation and traction, and all ultra-light. Only UHMPWE molecules (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), therefore Dyneema, offer a higher weight / abrasion ratio than any other fiber. This ripstop is also wind-stopper and water-repellent: let's not forget that the first advantage of flying in a cocoon is thermal.
  • Ultralight Dyneema straps
  • 3D shape concept on the seat: minimum weight / support and maximum comfort
  • Alu NEO and Edelrid buckles

Active security :

As with a classic cross-country harness, the fundamentals of active safety in flight have not been neglected :

  • lthe StayUp can be flown seated, and makes it easy to find its supports when exiting the decoration; "You are not hanged on a swing".
  • entering the cocoon is very easy. In addition, an elastic kit delivered with the harness can be easily installed.
  • the emergency extraction handle of the ventral container is very raised, very visible, and very accessible.

The choice of materials :

  • of European origin
  • the manual buckles NEO 20mm Aluminum 2047 manufactured in Haute Savoie
  • the "special paragliding" NEO Rocket automatic carabiners, from a NEO / AustriAlpin collaboration (A)

French finishing and manufacturing :

  • 100% of the Stay-Up is made in France.
  • Local manufacture in the NEO workshops guarantees a high-end level of finish.
  • High-end upholstery work.
  • Fabrics and straps made in France or in Europe, developed exclusively for NEO by its suppliers.
  • All zips are YKK brand.
  • Harken Carbo Ai ball bearing pulleys