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Full gearbox in oil bath (supplied without oil and without cap valved) reduction rate - Top80 | 1/3,842 (19-73)

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The gearbox is a casting of aluminum. It is responsible for transmitting power from the engine Top80, and reduce the rotational speed of the propeller.

Do not hesitate to check all 50h oil level.

To drain a gearbox lubricated with grease, you need to order 60 grams of grease

If no reduction ratio is engraved on your reducer, it is likely that it is an old version with a ratio of 20/72. To make sure, simply turn the hub of the propeller on 5 turns. If the clutch bell has turned about 19 turns you have a ratio of 19/73 and if it has turned 18 laps, you have a ratio of 20/72.