Pack Lowland Easiness A

Pack for beginner lowland pilots

  • Voile Advance Alpha, homologated A
  • Easiness 3 reversible harness

646,80 €


660,00 €

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2 675,25 €

3 268,55 €


3 335,25 €

Description du pack

The Plain Easiness A Pack is intended for beginner pilots flying mainly in the plains, having a tight budget but wishing to fly with quality equipment.

A parachute can of course be added later, as soon as the pilot manages to climb to an altitude which leaves time for the parachute to open.

Contenu du pack

Reversible harness and extremely lightweight.

Supplied with 2 carabiners.
Optional: airbag with integrated reserve parachute pocket and lift linkage connected to the shoulder straps.

Come fly with me.

To spread its wings, take off smoothly and fly like a bird, the ALPHA 7 is the ideal wing.
Thanks to the high quality materials and the most modern technologies used, this glider ensures you pleasure and safety during your training and for a long time afterwards.