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The Exo gas control is a new generation handle, designed for paramotor pilots looking for an ergonomic system that will become the natural extension of their arms.

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Main qualities

  • Classic grip
  • ambidextrous (left identical right)
  • 30mm of trigger movement 
  • taken in dragon
  • cruise control set to tenth of a millimeter and released instantly by accelerating.


  • Modified PA6 material, same as material validated on the Cameleon Throttle.
  • Ambidextrous, mounting indifferently right hand or left hand.
  • Maximum throttle movement : 30 mm
  • ON and OFF switches, electric starter and engine shutdown.
  • Four electrical wires, 2 for ON and 2 for OFF.
  • Cruise control millimeter, releasable one-handed emergency case.
  • 3D file provided for personal 3D prints of spare parts.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Installation instructions and instructions for use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I install Cameleon on all types of Paramotor ?

Yes, your Exo is installed in place of your existing handle, on all types of Paramotor and carburettor, within the limit of the maximum trigger movement of 30 mm. You have to measure, on the carburettor side, the maximum length of cable that enters the duct. Note that for membrane carburettors, we can play on this length thanks to different points of attachment of the cable tie on the lever, which is not the case for carburettors tank.

Can I put my gloves with the Cameleon ?

Yes, the Exo is designed to accommodate all types of hands and fingers, gloved or not.

Are functions easily available?

The most accessible function is the emergency stop. The "cruise control" has been deliberately made more difficult to access because it must only be activated at a safe altitude. So we put and release with the other hand or just by accelerating.