The prices keep going up. it's time to buy

Published : 03/4/2022 06:36:49
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The prices keep going up. it's time to buy

Given the current price hike, if you have considered acquiring paragliding and/or paramotor equipment, anticipating your purchase is probably a very good idea.

While manufacturers used to set their prices once a year (around January), some are currently on their third increase since October.

Delivery times for the fabrics making up the sails, parachutes and certain harnesses are still 10 weeks on average.

To make matters worse, the period of uncertainty we are currently experiencing comes on top of the difficulties generated by the pandemic (disorganization of circuits, absenteeism, restrictive health measures, supply and delivery difficulties, etc.) and of which we still suffer the effects.

Even if suppliers are trying to cushion this price spike as much as possible, de-escalation does not seem to be on the cards.

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