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Crankshaft lip seal


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Kit of two Crankshaft lip seal for Miniplane top 80 Engine

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Shaft seal rings ensure the tightness between the crankshaft and the engine block.

When should you change the gasket?

The seal whatsoever, is essential for proper engine operation. A leak can quickly cause damage to adjacent pieces. For example, the gasket on the side of the clutch, in the long term, lead to malfunction.

  • As part of a revision, it is possible to find traces of oils or other liquids. This is usually due to poor sealing and the need to change the seal.
  • In a major operation requiring disassembling the engine, it may be wise to take this opportunity to change the corresponding seals.


How to replace a shaft seal ring

  • Once the seal available, remove the old gasket, taking care not to damage the shaft or housing ring.
  • Clean surfaces in order to make them impeccably smooth. To do this, use a very fine abrasive tape. Remove residues of fat with a degreaser (brake cleaner).
  • Position the new gaskets flat on the ring.