2 Blades Carbon propeller Helix engine Moster 185 View larger

2 Blades Carbon propeller Helix engine Moster 185

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Propeller carbon cut for your engine Moster 185 and made in Germany

  • Select the diameter of the propeller
  • Choose the reduction ratio between the crankshaft output and the propeller shaft

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299,17 €

  • Helix Moster 1/2.68
  • Helix | Moster | 1/2.86

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Respecting the coherence between the propeller pitch and your gear ratio, you will avoid tightening of an engine running too fast and the mechanics constraints of a motor that can not turn fast enough.

These carbon propellers offer:

  • Increased performance and fuel efficiency through optimal performance
  • Increased responsiveness through reduced to a minimum mass
  • A harmonious sound
  • Excellent resistance in the time, better than of premium wooden propellers
  • An exemplary equilibration that eliminates vibrations

The propellers are chosen according to many criteria:

  • Too light, rises in revs can, in some cases, not be sufficiently linear.
  • Too heavy, they can generate too much mechanical stress.

The effects of couples vary depending on the frame, engine, type of propeller, weight of the whole, the choice of a propeller should not be random.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us for advice.