2 Blades Carbon propeller Helix engine Huit.1 View larger

2 Blades Carbon propeller Helix engine Huit.1

New product

Propeller carbon cut for your paramotor and made in France

  • Select the diameter of the propeller
  • Choose the propeller brand, the engine and the reduction ratio between the crankshaft output and the propeller shaft

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Delivery time about 5 days. Consult us

271,00 €

  • Helix Huit.1 1/4.2

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Carbon bladed propeller specially designed to optimize the "geometric pitch/effective pitch" ratio for your paramotor.

Respecting the coherence between the propeller pitch and your gear ratio, you will avoid tightening of an engine running too fast and the mechanics constraints of a motor that can not turn fast enough.

These carbon propellers offer:

  • Increased performance and fuel efficiency through optimal performance
  • Increased responsiveness through reduced to a minimum mass
  • A harmonious sound
  • Excellent resistance in the time, better than of premium wooden propellers
  • An exemplary equilibration that eliminates vibrations

The composite props may be ordered in standard or light version, form and profile are the same.
Standard version have a recognized, mythical high impact resistance and is repairable in most cases. It is our choice for you.

The light version is on average lighter by about 30%, is built with a different technology and with a higher percentage of carbon fiber. The user, however, should know that the impact resistance is lower and in many cases the propeller is not repairable. It is the best choice for compettion use.