Ear Defender/Headset helmet Paramotor ECO MODUL

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ECO shells / Headset to be screwed on paramotor helmet + cable to connect the radio of your choice.

SNR attenuation up to 31 db

Economic solution to protect you from noise, these shells can be delivered to you, as an option, with integrated electronic equipment allowing you to connect a radio (Kenwood connectors and reversible push button position, mounted on the left by default).

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25,83 €

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The  Eco without radio system are dedicated to paramotor pilots who do not feel the need to communicate by radio but who do not joke with the health of their ears.

They can, in option, be converted into a paramotor headset (integrated radio system).

These hulls are especially dedicated to paramotor pilots thanks to their light weight, their weight and their reduced price.

On the radio system side, particular care was taken in the selection of components, their compatibility with the paramotor activity and their installation in the noise protection shells.


  • Screw on helmet system
  • Latest generation anti-noise shell
  • Hull locking and unlocking system
  • Filter perfectly engine noise
  • Kenwood compatible radio equipment (optional)
    • Spiral cable of professional quality.
    • Flexible microphone rod
    • Hull mounted transmit button left or right (left by default)
    • High-performance windscreen.
    • Microphone with high noise attenuation


  • Kenwood by default
  • Icom on request