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Headset helmet ULM-Avionic 3M-X5

New product

Headset 3M-X5 gray - to screw on helmet.

SNR attenuation up to 37 db

Excellent solution to protect you from the noise and communicate comfortably, these shells are delivered with an electronic equipment integrated allowing you to connect there to a radio with aviation band (push button on the left by defect).

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295,00 €

-5,00 €

300,00 €

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The 3M-X5 shells (SNR 37db) are equipped with an integrated electronic system allowing to connect to a radio emitting on the aviation band.

These are high-end products that present to date the highest level of sound protection (SNR 37 db)

The foams have a low pressure on the head, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

On the radio system side, particular care was taken in the selection of components, their compatibility with the ULM AIRPLANE activity and their installation in the noise protection shells.


  • Screw on helmet system
  • Latest generation anti-noise shell
  • Hull locking and unlocking system
  • Filter perfectly engine noise
  • Aviation band compatible radio equipment (optional)
    • Spiral cable of professional quality.
    • Flexible microphone rod
    • Hull mounted transmit button left or right (left by default)
    • High-performance windscreen.
    • Microphone with high noise attenuation