Harness Nearbirds Genesis

New product

High performance harness with two containers.

The Genesis has been approved EN / LTF under the reference EAPR-GZ-0532/16

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991,67 €

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The main features of Genesis

  • Adjustable back cushion
  • Extremely efficient cornering control while maintaining high turbulence stability
  • Two rescue locations (1 frontal and 1 subcutal) to meet all categories of competition rules
  • Cocoon quickly removable and exchangeable
  • Effort resumption of the ventral container (does not rest on the thighs)
  • Instrument-holder for modern instruments
  • Adjustable ABS
  • High-performance aerodynamic pitches
  • Full weight 6.5 kg size M, 7 kg size L
  • Highly studied comfort and weight
  • Hybrid concept "hammock style" with rigid reinforcements
  • Four optional colors
  • Customizable printing
  • Pocket for anti-G
  • Ballast pockets
  • Camelback Pocket
  • Side pockets + radio pocket
  • Pulleys with large diameter and ball bearings
  • Good damping results of the foam bag
  • 5 sizes from XS to XL
  • Unbeatable performance / price ratio

The additional features of the Genésis Race

  • Enlarged rear fairing and maximum aerodynamics
  • Fully retractable fairing shaping ring (transport)
  • ABS adjustable in flight, symmetrically or independently (thermal)
  • Special drag-drop pocket, accessible from the right and from the left, with central attachment point.
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Opening in the lower part to let a drainage pipe pass
  • Resumption of effort at the level of the cocoon to maintain a position legs forward without any tension (allows not to be in hyper-extension of the knee)
  • Full weight 7 kg size M


  • XS 145-155
  • S 155-165
  • M 165-175
  • L 175-185
  • XL 185-2