Harness Kortel Kuik II

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The Kuik II is according to Kortel, the first harness with independent legs that approaches the traditional harnesses in terms of piloting sensations and comfort.

It also has a modular design that makes it accessible to all.

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781,67 €

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The Kuik II comes in the form of a bare core to which different modules can be attached thus adapting the harness to the type of flight required. For maximum flexibility the Kuik II is designed to allow a reserve parachute to be attached to the shoulders.

The Kuik II concept is almost an entire range of harnesses in one.

The core structure incorporates the latest innovations made by the Kortel Design R&D team in terms of ergonomics and shaping of raw materiels.

The result is astonishing:

  • The distribution of the pilot’s mass over the largest possible surface area even in a thermalling position (laterally inclined) for maximum comfort.
  • A natural leg position, not too open.
  • Simple to adjust.
  • Leg independence limited.

Weight Table
ElementSizeWeight (kg)Delivered with (kg)TOTAL (kg)
Kuik II Core (Naked)S1.5Carabiners 40mm + foot-stirrup + speed-bar : 0.341.84
Kuik II Core (Naked)M1.63Carabiners 40mm + foot-stirrup + speed-bar : 0.341.97
Kuik II Core (Naked)L1.75Carabiners 40mm + foot-stirrup + speed-bar : 0.342.09
Reversible Backpack-Airbag Module1.901.90
Krashbox ModuleSM1.91.9
Krashbox ModuleML1.951.95
Mousse Bag Module1.351.35
Pod ModuleS1.951.95
Pod ModuleM2.62.6
Pod ModuleL2.72.7