Harness Nova Altus

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The lightweight sports.

With only 3.5 kg the ALTUS is extraordinarily lightweight, comfortable and has a unique security level for its category. An air bag, pre inflated before takeoff, is located under the seat.

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More safety:

The ALTUS is equipped with an air bag that inflates right out of the bag, thanks to a special foam. From the first seconds of flight, the first protection is enhanced by a thick cushion of air around the back of the driver. The rescue parachute container is mounted inside the airbag so as to minimize the risk of injury in an impact when the parachute has not been deployed.

More fun in flight:

Advanced geometry combined with studied proportions has developed a nice balance between damping in turbulence and efficiency and precision control. Everyone is secured with the chest strap trimming. The board is ergonomic and allows very precise control with comfort.

More compact:

Goodbye large volumes and heavy bags. With its pre-inflated airbag, the Altus keeps a small volume and with only 3.5 kg, remains extraordinarily lightweight without compromising the passive safety. The new Nova foam being greatly compressible the harness does not need a bag size XXL.

For who?

Suitable for a wide range of drivers, Altus offers a high level of passive safety combined with excellent flight characteristics and light weight. Unlike some reversible harnesses, it is intended for everyday use.