Paraglider NOVA Mentor 7 Light

New product

Hybrid 2.5-liner

The MENTOR 7 Light is characterised by its completely new design as a "hybrid 2.5-liner" and carries the genes of the XENON. Thanks to the drastically increased performance, its cross-country potential sets new standards in the EN B class. With its intelligent lightweight design, we are meeting the great demand for light, durable XC gliders.

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4 125,00 €

Data sheet

Paramotor cert.Pending
Weight kg5.2

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Technical data :

Number of cells 66
Projected spanm8,659,109,549,9610,37
Projected area17,9019,8021,7723,7225,70
Projected aspect ratio 4,18
Flat spanm10,7811,3411,8912,4112,92
Flat area21,1223,3625,6927,9930,33
Flat aspect ratio 5,50
Line diametermm0,4 / 0,5 / 0,7 / 0,8 / 0,9 / 0,95 / 1,2
Line lengthm6,476,817,147,457,76
Max. chordm2,472,602,722,842,96
Certified take off weightkg55-8570-9580-10590-115100-130
Certification (EN/LTF)  BBB