X-Dream emergency safety alert

Published : 06/12/2021 00:00:00
Categories : The MosAiles Shop

X-Dream emergency safety alert

A potential issue has been uncovered on a whole batch of pods.

The black strap connecting to the handle has not always been cut to the correct length, resulting in too little buckle resistance.
By pulling on it, this loop can come undone.

To check the loop, run a pen or other rod through it and pull on it very hard.

The buckle must withstand a minimum of 70 daN. If it is faulty, the seam will give out immediately by applying little force.

All parachutes delivered by X-Dream Fly and whose serial numbers end with… T (example, G12K12934T), must be checked.

If the defect is found, immediately contact X-Dream Fly by email or the French importer (info@alpyr.fr) for a pod exchange.

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