Advance Succes 4 harness test: efficiency and comfort!

Published : 10/26/2018 13:40:06
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Advance Succes 4 harness test: efficiency and comfort!

Excellent test SUCCESS 4 published in Paragliding + # 461 currently on newsstands. This test is very complete and realistic and highlights the versatility qualities of the harness.

Seating seats with foam protection, it does not leave much that ... Yet, the sitting position is an essential step to make his weapons in thermal. In addition, harnesses of this type are by far the most versatile!

Particularly well finished, functional, the Advance Success 4 has everything to remain a classic.

In short

The Success 4 is a harness suitable for very broad categories of drivers, from school to the very confirmed, it sets the bar high, comfort levels, quality and safety. It also combines docility and sportiness for flights of long duration, even ambitious. I keep an excellent memory of my flights with Success 4.

For who?

It is cut for all pilots from a leisure practice to cross-country flight, and seeking a model combining safety, comfort and efficiency. It is a harness that they will keep for a long time, that will not charge their backs and that will last.

As for the sitting position, it is the one that is best suited to have fun and have fun, soaring or wagas! She can help out as a passenger seat for the two-seater.

Essais sellette Success 4 dans Parapente plus

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