Advance Pi3: The third version of the Pi model is a hit

Published : 12/8/2020 06:44:23
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Advance Pi3: The third version of the Pi model is a hit

The third version of the Pi Advance model is a hit

It’s a lightweight leisure wing with super healthy handling, an ability to glide through the air and turns that will thrill pilots who love light equipment.

Advance seems to be having a little trouble keeping up with the orders and at the time of writing, proposes to deliver the next sails in February.

What changes compared to the previous version

The Pi2 was already light, the Pi3 is even more

Depending on the size and therefore the wing loading, the approvals range from EN A to EN B

Additional sizes are available (16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27m²)

A new lightpack bag

A new internal compressbag type bag that makes folding even easier

An ever longer service life

The main elements involved in the life of a sail are the setting, the porosity and the deformation of the profile.

The first two are easy to measure but no one to date offers to control a profile which can be deformed when the porosity increases.

In order for the profiles of the walls to age better, certain manufacturers, including Advance, simulate, thanks to Computer Aided Design, the forces and tensions applied to their profiles. These modern techniques allow localized constraints to be reduced by placing reinforcements in strategic places and removing material where it does not need to be.

An inflation that's hard to miss

Thanks to the optimization of the air flow, the inflation is very homogeneous. No hard point before reaching the zenith, no desire to overtake your pilot, the feeling of ease and lightness is very present.

An affordable flight for less experienced pilots

The lightness of the wing avoids the drawbacks induced by inertia, excellent damping in pitch, easy exit from a turn, precise turns…

In Conclusion :

Calm Flight or Speed ​​Flying, it's up to you to choose the size that suits you.



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