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Storage bag - Smart Pack ITV


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Storage bag - Smart Pack. Adapted to new generations wings.

Storage bag "Smart Pack" provides precise folding which extends the life of our gliders.

It facilitates storage of all wing sizes in the wind.

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Smart Pack

Easy storage
ITV, always at the forefront of innovation, design tools to meet the specific needs of the new generation wings. Past as to require special storage and storage attention. "Smart Pack" bag is particularly suitable for the preservation of these sails. It will allow you to bend your wing faster while maintaining your internal bracing is open.


Optimal protection
To better contain your wing during folding, even in windy conditions, 3 straps are arranged inside the Smart Pack. In the interests of small detail, the Smart Pack features a small bag of internal storage for the elevators to prevent the metal parts to be in contact with your wing, and to promote disentangling.

To reduce the storage space of your wing once stored in the Smart Pack, a grid was placed over the entire length of the bag to easily expel residual air. This vent also has the advantage of keeping your wing in contact with the surrounding air in the event of prolonged storage.

A zip, sewn along the entire length of the Smart Pack, enables effective ventilation of your sail, the trailing edge to the leading edge.