Pack Paramotor Adventure Pluma2 Light

Complete pack composed of :

  • 1 Paramotor Adventure Pluma2
  • 1 Harness light
  • 1 Propeller

The set is delivered assembled

6 383,33 €

575,00 €

325,00 €

7 283,33 €

Contenu du pack

The must of paramotor chassis:

Composed of carbon fabrics cut with lazer, the new chassis of the Adventure brand was tested at 15G with a weight of 125kg (a paraglider is tested at 5G).

The lightest of the market, it is intended for leisure pilots as for accro pilots.

This is a basic version without harness and without propeller.
The Complete Paramotor Packs are available here...

Light Adventure paramotor harness for Pluma frame.

Side rescue parachute pocket option.

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Propeller carbon cut for your paramotor Adventure Pluma and made in France

  • Choose the brand
  • Choose the diameter

This product must be part of a pack in which the motor and reducer used are defined