Validity of the order


Validity of the order

The consumer recognizes to be perfectly informed that his agreement concerning the content of these general terms and conditions does not require of handwritten signature. This handwritten signature is replaced by the click of validation of the order.
The consumer declares have the full legal capacity that allowing him to engage under the present general terms and conditions.

Application of general terms and conditions

The consumer has the option of saving or editing these terms and conditions, it being specified that both the saving and editing of this document are its own responsibility because these conditions are likely to be modified by MosAiles Shop ( In this case, the conditions will be those in effect at the site during the validation of the order by the consumer.

Contractual information

The online shop set up by mosailes via its website lists the following information:
o accurate identification
o presentation of the essential characteristics of the goods proposed
o indicated in euros (TTC) the price of goods
o the rate of administrative costs and delivery charges
o payment terms
o the existence of right to cancel

Mutual obligations

These conditions of sale constitute the entire obligations and rights of both parties. In this way, the consumer is expected to accept without reservation all the provisions contained in these above conditions. MosAiles Shop ( undertakes for its part to fulfill its role as seller under the same conditions.


Purpose & effective general conditions of sale

These general conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations of both parties under the online sale of goods and services offered by MosAiles Shop ( to the consumer.

Contractual documentation

This contract is formed by the following contractual documents, presented in descending importance order:
o the present general conditions of sale
o the order

In case of conflict between the provisions contained in the documents of different ranks, the provisions of the document of a higher importance precedence.


These general conditions of sale shall enter into force on the date of signing the purchase order by the consumer.
These conditions are concluded for the duration necessary to provide of goods and services purchased.

Validity of the electronic signature

Any order signed by the consumer by "double click" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can be challenged only in cases specifically provided for in these terms and conditions of sale as "right of withdrawal" and "out of stock".
The "double click" associated with the authentication, non-repudiation and integrity protection of messages is an electronic signature. This electronic signature handwritten signature value between the counterparties.

Proof of transaction

The records stored in MosAiles Shop ( computer systems under reasonable security conditions, will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the counterparties.

The information on credit cards, are not saved.



MosAiles Shop ( present on its website products to sell and their descriptions.

Price / VAT

Site prices are indicated in euros all taxes (VAT). They are applicable for the validation of the order by the consumer and do not include administrative costs or participation in postage charged extra, and indicated before the final validation of the order.

Prices are subject to French VAT and any change to the rate of VAT will be implicitly reflected in the price of the products presented on the site MosAiles Shop ( at the time stipulated by the decree of application relating.


The periods of availability vary and also depend on the availability of the buyer when taking an appointment for delivery.

Validity of product offerings

The offers presented by MosAiles Shop ( are valid only within the limits of available stocks. MosAiles Shop ( inform the consumer in case of out of stock and it will offer a replacement or refund.

Conformity of product offerings

The products offered are conform to the French legislation. The pictures, texts, informations and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the products presented are not contractual. Consequently, MosAiles Shop ( liability can be accepted for any error or omission in any of these pictures or texts, information or product characteristics.

Transfer of ownership

MosAiles Shop ( retains full ownership of the goods sold until full receipt of all sums owed by the consumer under its control, including fees and taxes.

The transfer of ownership of property purchased by the consumer MosAiles Shop ( to a third party, will not be supported by MosAiles Shop (

Only the original purchaser of the property may claim access provisions of these terms of sale.


Data relating to consumer

Any order paid by credit card or bank transfer will be processed once receipt of payment. For orders by bank transfer the reservation period for items will not exceed seven working days.

The periods of availability as shipping will reconsider from the date of registration of this settlement.

The consumer must verify the completeness compliance information regarding the delivery address that provides MosAiles Shop ( The society can not be held to any data entry errors and the consequences that would follow responsible such as a delay and / or error in delivery. In this context, all costs incurred for the return of the order will be entirely borne by the consumer.

Delivery method

Depending on the value of the package, the system offers the consumer the choice between a delivery method with insurance and tracking or without insurance and without tracking. By choosing the second option, will not be held responsible in case of non delivery of the package.

Command execution

The consumer will be notified by email, post or telephone of the impending delivery on their order.
This command will be executed within a period of 30 days from the date of final approval by MosAiles Shop ( (payment received and order verification procedure performed).

Breach of the order

MosAiles Shop ( can not be held liable for breach of contract in case of shortage or unavailability, force majeure, disruption, total or partial strike of postal services and means of transport for and / or communications, flood or fire. MosAiles Shop ( not be liable for any consequential damages such as loss of business, loss of profits, loss of chance, damage or expense that might arise from the purchase of products.

In case of unavailability of the product ordered, the customer will be informed immediately and will be able to modify or cancel the order. The consumer will then have the option of requesting either a refund of amounts collected (occurring within 30 days at the latest following the cancellation of the order), or if an exchange of product characteristics and price, in agreement with MosAiles Shop (

In case of impossibility to exchange MosAiles Shop ( reserves the right to cancel the order and the consumer to repay the amounts received.

Reciprocal obligations


A lack of completeness and adequacy of information provided by the consumer at its command, MosAiles Shop ( can not be held responsible for any data entry errors and resulting consequences, particularly in terms of delay and / or misdelivery. In this context, all costs incurred for the return will be borne by the consumer.


MosAiles Shop ( undertakes to inform the consumer of any change in his order on the time, price, features, in order to give the latter the decision to modify the order accordingly.

Participation shipping

MosAiles Shop ( charge the consumer participation in shipping.


MosAiles Shop ( recommends that consumers keep track of data on the order of a medium of his choice until the final resolution of the order.



The payments by credit card and bank transfert are collected directly as well as those made with PAYPAL.

Payment Methods

To set the order, the consumer has the choice of all payment methods in the final validation of the order : credit card, check or bank transfer.

Any order paid by credit card or bank transfer will be processed once receipt of payment. The periods of availability as shipping will reconsider from the registration date of payment.

Full payment

Full payment must be made when ordering. At no point, the amounts received can not be considered as a deposit or deposits.

MosAiles Shop ( also reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or an order from a consumer who has not fully paid or a previous order or with whom a payment dispute remain.

Reciprocal obligations


The consumer guarantees MosAiles Shop ( he has permission to use the payment method they choose during the validation of the order .


MosAiles Shop ( reserves the right to suspend any order or delivery in case of refusal to authorize payment from financial institutions.

The consumer is advised that MosAiles Shop ( can not be held responsible for any misuse or fraudulent use for any means of payment would not have been detected.

Warnings / advice

MosAiles Shop ( advises consumers to ensure the solvency of its payment before confirming the order on the site. MosAiles Shop ( reminds consumers that paying by credit card passes through a secure system and no credit card number is stored in its files.



An order will be closed when all products have been delivered and that the consumer will be entirely paid products and participation in administrative and postage.


The customer will ensure the necessary space for the passage of objects for delivery.
The products will be delivered to the address specified by the customer on the order form.

The choice of mode of transport return to MosAiles Shop ( according to weight and / or volume of products. MosAiles Shop ( reserves the right to make deliveries in several times.

MosAiles Shop ( reminds consumers must make sure to have all the information mentioned in the delivery of the order.

Usual reserves

The consumer has the legal and contractual obligation to check the physical condition and the content of his delivery, the delivery person to recall the package travel at the risk of the recipient.

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged or broken, etc.. Product) must be indicated on the bill of MosAiles Shop ( delivery form of "handwritten reserves" detailed, dated, explicit and accompanied by the signature of the consumer.

Any claims received after the deadline after 14 working days will be permanently dismissed without recourse to the consumer.

In-store withdrawal

When the consumer chooses a withdrawal in store rather than a delivery by carrier, it is imperative to recover his property as soon as possible after the end of the service and at the latest, within 3 days, following our withdrawal request by mail , sms or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. After this period, reserves the right to solicit costs of guarding at the exclusive cost of the customer. The amount of these fees is fixed at 15 € / day.

Without news of the consumer after 360 days the products ordered will become the property of the seller. Seller's liability

Seller can not be held responsible for any delays in delivery and especially due to errors or disruptions (total or partial strike of the supply chain and / or postal services and / or means of transport or communications).


In case of delay in delivery, after 30 days following the settlement
MosAiles Shop ( provide an opportunity for the consumer to be reimbursed amounts received for this command under the terms of these terms of sale.

Warnings / advice

Only damage and anomalies mentioned in the reservations made by the consumer will be taken into account in the resolution of the dispute.

The consumer has a right to 14 days to cancel an order. If the product has already been delivered, return shipping cost and storage will be responsible for such expenses will be flat to up 3% of the order price.



The consumer must ask to MosAiles Shop (, within 14 working days from the date of delivery, any claim of error of delivery and / or non-conformity of the products with the specifications on the order. Any claims made beyond this time will be rejected without recourse to the consumer.

Errors delivery / non-compliant products

If after delivery, the consumer becomes aware of an error, it is required to keep the delivery status and prevent MosAiles Shop (
Similarly, in case of non-conforming product, the consumer may lodge a complaint to MosAiles Shop (

51 rue de la gare
57330 Zoufftgen
TEL : 06 61 202 203

o by phone from 8am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays
o by email
o by postmail.

MosAiles Shop ( attempt to provide the best solution to resolve the situation.

Reciprocal obligations


Any claim not made in the rules defined above and within the time limits could not be taken into account and release MosAiles Shop ( of any responsibility for the consumer.


MosAiles Shop ( will make every effort to rectify the problem by the consumer as soon as possible. In these cases and to the extent that the error comes from its services, MosAiles Shop ( will support the return of these products.


The consumer is informed that certain documents related to parcels may be obtained and must remain in possession of all the information received until complete resolution of the claim.

Right of withdrawal


MosAiles Shop ( gives the consumer a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days to request recovery of the product ordered. The cost of returning the products does not suit him be flat and at his expense. Within a short time MosAiles Shop ( take care of resume or unwanted products.

If the consumer decides to cancel the purchase before material has been sent, the entire settlement paid the day of the purchase (including any delivery charges) shall be returned. As of the 25th hour until the day of delivery or if an order has not been withdrawn at the store in time under these conditions, an amount equal to 15% of the purchase amount (including any delivery charges) is retained by the seller. In case of partial cancellation, the amount retained calculated on the basis of the amount of reimbursed products (including any associated shipping charges).

Any special conditions of sale such as "free shipping over a certain amount of purchase" will be canceled in case of partial or complete retraction of the customer.


MosAiles Shop ( take an appointment with the customer and a delivery will resume the products at the following times:
- From 8h to 16h, Monday to Friday.
This right of withdrawal is without penalty, except for the return costs are the responsibility Consumer up to 50 €.
Assuming the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the consumer will be reimbursed for amounts received for the acquisition of goods or the cost of returning it will be directly deducted from the sums received for the acquisition of goods or, if the amounts collected are not sufficient customer shall pay the cost of returning directly MosAiles Shop (

reciprocal obligations


All products subject to a withdrawal of the consumer must be returned to in a new and clean for resale .
Any product that was damaged, which would be incomplete , will not be refunded or exchanged.


In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, will make every effort to reimburse the consumer within 15 days of receipt of return. The customer will then be refunded by bank transfer.

Product Warranty


The warranty is only applicable in the context of a comprehensive settlement of the order.


The warranty for used products or settled does not exceed the period of withdrawal.

reciprocal obligations


All items are sold in the state, the customer must check the items upon delivery .

seller guarantees the consumer in respect of latent defects affecting the products delivered . A refund will be considered after review of the product by . In the event that the consumer would be recognized as responsible for any damage , no refund will be considered.

Out of warranty

Any product whose warranty period has expired will not be supported by .


The consumer is expressly informed that MosAiles Shop ( is not the manufacturer of products presented in the website.

Accordingly, in case of damage to a person or property by a defective product, the sole responsibility of the producer of the latter may be sought by the consumer.

Legal Notice and legal clauses


Of hypertext links to other sites than MosAiles Shop ( MosAiles Shop ( assumes no liability in the event that the content of these sites violate the laws and regulations in force.

Computing and Freedoms

According to the law of 22 August 2002 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 21 December 2004 establishing the electronic communications and postal services and the nature the format and modalities of data made available through the treatment of personal data while user has a right to access and correct or delete any personal information about them by sending an email to info at

Applicable Law

These terms and conditions are subject to French law. This is for the rules of funds as to the rules of form.
In case of dispute or claim, the consumer will apply primarily to MosAiles Shop ( for an amicable solution.

Update January 2014