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Das ultimative Tool für sicheres Fliegen, zu konkurrieren und Rekorde brechen.

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It tooks more than a year and dozens of prototypes to create the SYS'Evolution.

To achieve this, Syride has worked hard and has put in place all his experience and skills acquired in the development of flight instruments.

With the Sys'Evolution model, Syride has set a high level reference, which will make this model unavoidable.

The product is so evolved that one really can compare it to a computer of flight because it makes so much more than a simple altivario :

  • Ergonomically: It makes accessible to all pilots, computer scientists or not, the complicated use of a tablet in flight. No need to read 4 pages on forums to see its trace, to configure its screens or slalom in the menus. The software, developed by Syride, is simple, intuitive and fluid. The SYS'Evolution can thus be used, from the first flight to the competition.
  • Functionally: on the top ! Automatic flight synchronization, information on flight sites, weather, satellite position thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the pilot is entitled to virtual reality 3D during the flight with transition assistant and airspace and relief.
  • Technologically: the last evolution ! Even in full sunlight, its high-resolution electronic ink screen makes information readable from any viewing angle. The Sys'Evolution is also the first device of its kind to integrate a GPS chip Multi-GNSS which allows simultaneous reception of the various satellite networks GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou, QZS...

Puce GPS Syride Evolution

Latest generation GPS chip :

The Sys Evolution is currently equipped with the best GPS receiver.
precision : 2m
synchronisation :
72 satellites
Supported networks :

  • GPS (Americans)
  • Galiléo (Europeeens)
  • Glonass (Russian)
  • BeiDou (Chinese)
  • QZS (Japonese)
  • SBAS Using a terrestrial network

A screen made for free flight :

To read and easily use sunlight information, only electronic ink (E-ink) screens fulfill their role perfectly.

SYS'Evolution is equipped with a high-contrast 6-inch E-Ink display, with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and a display with 16 levels of gray.

The "CARTA" screens of 3rd generation with electronic ink, allow an improvement of 50% of the contrast and 20% of reflections in less compared to the previous generation.

This is the best contrast that can be found on a screen of this type while maintaining a very low power consumption. You read the information in flight as if it were written on a piece of paper!

Ecran Altivario Syride Evolution
Connectivite Syride Evolution

Ultra-complete connectivity :

SYS'Evolution is able to synchronize the information below when connected via Wifi, Bluetooth or USB

  • For a near instantaneous synchronization of its GPS position at the time of ignition, it memorizes the current and future position (up to 35 days) of the satellite networks via the "AssistNow A GNSS services" function of Ublox.
  • Real-time weather information from Météo France (via SYNOP), Pioupiou, Windfinder, Romma, FFVL.
  • The last flights present in the instrument are sent automatically on its online flight book
  • Information on the location of take-offs referenced in the Syride database (more than 6000 flight sites in more than 100 countries).
  • The real-time tracking of its position (live tracking via Bluetooth connection with the phone subject to GSM coverage).
  • The sending of a pre-recorded distress message with the GPS coordinates by SMS to a predefined list of numbers (via Bluetooth connection with the phone subject to GSM coverage). All this information is free and included when purchasing SYS 'Evolution.

Optimized screen area :

Significant design work has resulted in a 1.5 times larger display area than the average of other free flight instruments.

This means for the pilot, less clutter on his cockpit and less weight in his paraglider bag.

Surface ecran Syride Evolution

Surcouche Altivario Syride Evolution

A resistive tactile overlay :

There are 2 touch technologies :

  • The capacitive is the one that is found in most devices (smartphone, tablet, reading ...). It is sensitive but not usable with conventional gloves because it uses the conductivity of the finger to receive information.
  • The resistive chosen by Syride allows the use of the instrument with gloves in any condition because it uses deformation. The ergonomics of the menus was therefore conceived for this use.

Unbeatable autonomy :

The choice of the electronic ink screen made it possible to eradicate the largest energy consumer of the instrument. In conventional use, with its battery of 3.4Ah the autonomy will be between XX and XXh (under evaluation).

This range will have a much greater range compared to a conventional instrument and will vary according to new criteria: Bluetooth activation, speaker volume, GPS reception quality, or resource indicator indicator Processor like virtual reality.

Autonomie altivario Syride Evolution
Poids altivario Syride Evolution

Maximum volume and weight optimized :

To tell the truth, there is not much space left in the bowels of SYS'Evolution! With a thickness of 1.5cm (finer than a SYS'Nav), the instrument is ultra-compact. This directly generates weight gain for the pilot who will position him more easily on his cockpit. In this category, with less than 300gr on the balance SYS'Evolution is by far the lightest on the market.

Virtual reality on board (under development) :

Seeing the environment around us in 3 dimensions in a virtual way is the most readable and comprehensible way :

  • Getting out of a cloud safely.
  • To be really in relation to airspace
  • Optimizing the passage of beacons in competition
  • Evaluate its fineness and its end point

The display shows the environment in front of you (magnetic heading). On this environment will be displayed :

  • Land Topography
  • Airspace in volume with their name
  • The next tag with its radius in volume.
  • A point on the relief symbolizing your culmination to your current finesse.
  • The names of the cities you are flying over (under development).

3D altivario Syride Evolution

Ecran Altivario Syride Evolution

A screen customizable to infinity :

Set up your screen as you like by changing the units, size and position of the information.

This setting can be used to meet all driver requirements. Whether you are a beginner, paraglider, paramotorist, glider or balloon pilot, whether you wear glasses or not, you fly on the seashore, in the plain, in the mountains, in France, in the USA, in Australia ...

The SYS'Evolution displays what you want it to display, will evolve along with your progress and adapt to your business.

Live tracking :

Once you leave the ground, it can be reassuring to know that your loved ones can easily locate me in case of a pit.

The use of live tracking with the SYS'Evolution requires the connection in Bluetooth to your mobile phone equipped with the application Syride

Whatever the country, your position will be displayed in real time on the page :

If network coverage is lost, the part of the missing trace will be sent as soon as the network is reconnected.

The live tracking uses the location information of the SYS'Evolution and not the phone to preserve the battery of it.

Tracking altivario Syride Evolution
alerte altivario Syride Evolution

A three-level alert system :

Once your SYS'Evolution is connected in Bluetooth to your mobile phone under network coverage and equipped with the Syride application, it will be possible by an emergency button to send pre-recorded SMS to a number list.

This SMS will contain precise data of your location as well as an internet link allowing you to locate in live tracking :

Since the telephone is often not very accessible in these emergency situations, it may even be risky to remove it from its harness if it is at a height, so the SYS'Evolution will serve as an interface.

3 levels of alert (3 different SMS with 3 lists of recipients):

Exemple level 1: « I'm flying all right »

Exemple level 3: « Need immediate help : N45.254953 E2.287592»