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Der ION 6 (EN / LTF B) wurde grundlegend überarbeitet und ist die nächste Generation in der beliebten ION-Serie.
Das Ergebnis: hohe passive Sicherheit, besonders präzises Handling und maximale Leistung zur Erreichung Ihrer persönlichen Cross-Country-Ziele.

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Technische Daten

Paramotor cert.Ya
Gewicht kg4.45

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Room for your ambitions

No matter the place, the distance to be covered, with the ION 6, nothing stands in the way of a personal flight record. But whatever the flight, the pleasure is not to be outdone, because the take-off behavior is simple, the handling pleasant and an efficient accelerator is supplied as standard. In other words, with the ION 6, novice pilots of the EN B class and the Cross-country champions are perfectly equipped for each adventure - what whether practice, local flight, cross-country or paragliding trips.

Form accompanies function

The height of the lines therefore the distance between the pilot and the vow is considerably reduced on the ION 6. In flight, this results in more direct handling as well as take-off advantages. It takes less space to arrange the wing on the ground and the wing inflates quickly and reliably. In addition, the curvature of the wing has been reduced, which means that the vault is more "flat". This increases the damping of the roll and ensures a stable flight. Because of the lines short, and despite the high roll damping, the ION 6 reacts precisely to the stresses of the controls and the pilot immediately feels what is happening above him. Another consequence of the reduction in curvature is the increase in projected extension (3.84) compared to ION 5 (3.52). However, the flattening doesn’t increased only by 0.6%.

Relaxed from A to B

To succeed in a cross-country flight, you need a lot of concentration. The ION 6 makes this task easier thanks to its high passive safety level that gives you time to take full advantage of the environment while driving. In flight, it quickly becomes obvious that it can turn really flat, there is no need to overengage to make a sharp turn. Which means you lose less height and can maneuver efficiently even in very small thermals. And if you are looking for a little more dynamism, you can easily tilt it thanks to a short control stroke and moderate brake pressure. In addition, the ION 6 has mini-ribs with internal seams which increase the performance of the wing and ensure a smooth trailing edge. Others characteristics integrated in the wing are a Vector-Tape of the mini-ribs and 3D-Shaping at the level of the leading edge.

Just follow the brands

The ION 6 has specially designed risers with variable geometry. This system is also used, on the MENTOR 6 (EN / LTF B) and SECTOR (EN / LTF C). The A3 branch is less shortened in acceleration than the branches A1 and A2. This increases the stability of the wing in accelerated flight. In addition, standard elevators are very easy to use during takeoff and handling on the ground. They are marked with a color code to differentiate the right and the left which is also available on the brake handles and the carabiners of our harnesses. It allows you to easily check if you have caught on. In addition, the disentangling of the lines is particularly easy, the ION 6 has the main lines, brake and stabilo sheathed in accordance with the color scheme recommended by the PMA: A = red, B = yellow, C = blue, brake = orange, stabilo line = green.

For which pilots?

For six generations the ION has enabled talented beginners (in countries where learning with EN B wings are allowed) and for recreational pilots with cross-country ambitions to improve and progress. It offers both high passive safety, direct handling and good performance. giving great potential to help pilots in their development. If you want to increase both the duration and distance of your cross-country flights, you will find that there must be a match between your own ability to concentrate and the attention that the paraglider itself requires. This is where the ION 6 really shines and allows relaxed flights. The target group of pilots for whom this paraglider is suitable is therefore very wide.

Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping

In addition to the standard 3D Shaping, each cell has a zigzag 3D shaping seam. The advantage of this assembly is that the sewing direction differs from that of the mechanical stresses in the sense of scale. The seam is therefore cleaner for much better aerodynamics. This innovation reduces creases at the leading edge.


Mini-Ribs increase the number of cells in the area of ​​the trailing edge and optimizes it aerodynamically. The seams
are internal. This device also makes it possible to obtain a moderate brake pressure.


The ION 6 has an additional Vector-Tape which passes through
slots in the mini-Ribs. This band reduces the folds that are created
during braking and significantly increases performance in

Technical data

Nombre de cellules5151515151
Envergure projetéem8.388.829.269.6610.1
Surface projetéem218.320.2822.3424.3426.38
Allongement projeté3.843.843.843.843.84
Envergure à platm10.5111.0611.6112.1212.62
Surface à platm221.2823.5725.9728.330.67
Allongement à plat5.
Diamètre des suspentesmm0,7/0,8/1,0/1,2/1,3
Hauteur du cônem5.756.086.416.717.01
Corde maxim2.522.652.782.93.02
Certification ( EN / LTF)BBBBB