Pack Paramotor Adventure Pluma2 Light Demo

Complete ready-to-fly demo paramotor consisting of

  • 1 Adventure Pluma2 carbon paramotor with Atom80 engine
  • 1 Carbon cage option
  • 1 light harness
  • 1 Propeller
  • 6 month warranty

The set is delivered assembled.  The photos of the machine will soon be available here ...

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Description du pack

With its carbon chassis, the Atom2 is the current must for paramotors. It is not only ultra light, reliable but it is also beautiful. Tested at 15G with a weight of 125kg (a paraglider is tested at 5G) it is also ultra resistant, which makes it suitable for leisure pilots as well as for accro pilots.

Additional machine information :

The demonstration material is intended for students who do not yet have their own machine..

Contenu du pack

The must of paramotor chassis:

Composed of carbon fabrics cut with lazer, the new chassis of the Adventure brand was tested at 15G with a weight of 125kg (a paraglider is tested at 5G).

The lightest of the market, it is intended for leisure pilots as for accro pilots.

This is a basic version without harness and without propeller.
The Complete Paramotor Packs are available here...

Light Adventure paramotor harness for Pluma frame.

Side rescue parachute pocket option.

*** Essayez-la chez nous ou chez vous ***

Propeller carbon cut for your paramotor Adventure Pluma and made in France

  • Choose the brand
  • Choose the diameter

This product must be part of a pack in which are defined the motor and gearbox ratio that will be used.