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Paraglider ITV V-Max

New product

The wing world champion.

Designed for competitions in slalom, the Fury has proved to be an excellent versatile wing and even one of the fastest currently on the market. At the World Championships 2014, she broke the world record in the event. Very strong in turbulence, the Fury has a big potential for use for experienced pilots.

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2 908,33 €

Data sheet

Cert. (EN/LTF/DGAC)DGAC-Paramotor
Paramotor cert.Yes
Weight kg | 5.6 | 5.4 | 5.1

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Composition :

- quick pack ITV (see détails heer ... . Can, optionnaly, be replaced with a Confort Bag. détails heer ... )
- a wing
- a compression bag
- a paramotor identification card
- a manual

Enumeration des couleurs disponibles pour ITV Fury

Données techniques :

Paragliding useNot certifiedNot certified 
Paramotor useyesyes 
Minimum in-flight weight70.00 kg85.00 kg 
Maximum in-flight weight140.00 kg158.00 kg 
Speed arms up43.00 km/h43.00 km/h 
Maximum speed70.00 km/h70.00 km/h 
Homologation DGAC