Paraglider NOVA Ion 4 - EN B

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Performance for all with a notch above

The ION 4 was the best-selling NOVA paraglider of the millennium and the "ION class" has become the ultimate synonym for versatile paragliding with excellent performance, fun steering and a high degree of passive safety.

With the ION 5, Nova elevates these qualities to a new level.

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Positioning and concept

It is clear that the basic concept that previously distinguished all generations of IONs should not be changed. That's why the ION 5 is an evolution and not a revolution.

Thanks to the work in particular on the internal distribution of the constraints and on the optimization of the wing tips Nova has significantly progressed on the ION.

Changes to the ION 4

  • Optimization of the profile
  • Improved "bloat" and wingtips
  • Extra cells for stabilos optimizing wingtips
  • More sporty look
  • New choice of colors
  • New DOKDO 20D fabric: 2 g / m2 lighter; more durable (resistance and porosity)
  • Hoists: Liros PPSLS65 = the finest sheaves on the market, used for brakes and stabilos.

An ION 5 for whom?

Young ambitious pilots, experienced cross pilots who want to get off a level to make casual distance flights.

Technical data

  • EN/LTF B
  • 52 cells
  • ratio 5.16
  • 3 lines

projected area18.5220.5122.4924.5126.52
PTV in kg55-8070– 9080– 10090– 110100– 130
Weight (kg)3.954.34.654.955.25

Clors Melon, Blue, Green, Gold