Pack Lowland Radical A

Pack for beginner lowland pilots

  • Voile Alpha 6, homologated A
  • Radical 3 reversible harness

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Description du pack

Radical A Lowland Pack is intended for beginner pilots of the Lowland on a tight budget but wishing to fly with quality material.

A parachute can well be added later, as soon as the pilot arrives to climb to an altitude that allows the parachute time to open.

Contenu du pack

Particularly suited to mountain flying, it also intended to be used for tandem flying, ground handling, coastal ridge soaring, wherever lightness and ease allow the pilot to play freely.

Excellent choice for local flight.

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The sixth generation of ALPHA has the most modern technologies:
- An arrangement of lines oversimplified
- Air Scoop for an amplitude of even larger brakes
- Shaping the 3D for more performance.
- A weight significantly reduced.
Remains unchanged: the very simple launch behavior..