Paraglider ITV Dolpo 3

New product

A remarkable flight behavior and surprising performance levels.

Mission accomplished for the Dolpo3 and a well designed wing. Inflation and takeoff are ideal, performance and speed are at the top of this category, and the assurance of flying under a well behaved paraglider is guaranteed.
Certified EN-A, the Dolpo3 targets a wide range of pilots, paragliding (PG) and powered paragliding ( PPG).

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2 741,67 €

Data sheet

Paramotor cert.Yes
Weight kg5

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Composition :

- quick pack ITV (see détails heer ... . Can, optionnaly, be replaced with a Confort Bag. détails heer ... )
- a wing
- a compression bag
- a paramotor identification card
- a manual

Colors :

Planche de couleurs du parapente itv dolpo 3

Technical data :

Flat area28.5 m226.5 m224.5 m222.50 m2
Aspec ratio5.
Minimum in-flight weight100.00 kg85.00 kg70.00 kg55.00 kg
Maximum in-flight weight125.00 kg105.00 kg90.00 kg75.00 kg
Extended PPG166.00 Kg140.00 Kg120.00 Kg100.00 Kg
Speed arms up39.00 km/h39.00 km/h39.00 km/h39.00 km/h
Maximum speed50.00 km/h50.00 km/h50.00 km/h50.00 km/h
Homologation levelEN AEN AEN AEN A