Paraglider ADVANCE ALPHA 6

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The sixth generation of ALPHA has the most modern technologies:
- An arrangement of lines oversimplified
- Air Scoop for an amplitude of even larger brakes
- Shaping the 3D for more performance.
- A weight significantly reduced.
Remains unchanged: the very simple launch behavior..

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Paramotor cert.Yes
Weight kg5

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The ALPHA 6 is the perfect paraglider for first flights, learning more, and occasional flying. As a beginner you can trust this wing 100%. The ALPHA model is the well-tried classic for first flights, and after basic training, offers many possibiities of exploring further afield. This 6th generation of the ALPHA series is modern in concept, founded on many years’ experience, and promises reliability and durability.

Easy takeoff.

A revised ALPHA 6 line concept leaves the wing with visibly fewer suspension points and fewer lines - easy to sort and easy to see. After a simple takeoff your ALPHA 6 is in the air. The ALPHA 6 is also light – thanks to carefully designed internal structure and high quality materials.

Reduced line setup.

Only three line levels and two gallery floors. Simpler and easier to see makes short work of line sorting. The completely revised ALPHA6 line concept results in 20% fewer line meters and 35 % fewer line items. Its hardly ecessary to point out that this considerable reduction in total line length clearly improves glide performance
at trim speed and especially when accelerated.

Safer with a deeper airflow breakaway point.

Modern “Air Scoop Technology’ at the leading edge now applies to the ALPHA 6. Combined with the typical ADVANCE semi-circular intakes this feature results in a significantly lower separation point with clearly progressive brake loading. Brake travel is 15 % longer than the ALPHA 5 value, so passive safety is enhanced.

“Easy Connect System” for safer hook in

The risers have a new "Easy Connect System" which makes it simple and quick to connect them to the harness. Idea and colour minimize the risk of clipping in with risers twisted or on the wrong side.

Big Ear system with “Quick Snap”

The ALPHA 6 has split A-risers for trouble-free big ears. Before takeoff the divided A-risers are held together by magnets. This simplifies takeoff handling, and during takeoff they separate themselves for normal flight.

Improved brakes

_Ceramic rings for silent and frictionless line guidance
_Swivel connections prevent brake line twisting.
_Plastic covered magnets for secure stowage
_Brake handle size varies in accordance with wing size


For maximum compactness, we supply the following backpack sizes. Optionally, the backpack size can be freely selected:
ALPHA 6 24 and 26: COMFORTPACK 2 115L
ALPHA 6 28 and 31: COMFORTPACK 2 130L
One colour chocolate/vivid blue

Standard colors paragliding advance Alpha 6.

Couleurs standard des parapente advance Alpha 6


Technical Data

ALPHA 6 2224262831
Flat surfacem222.
Projected surfacem218.920.622.324.427.3
Recommended takeoff weightkg50-7060-8070-9585-110100-130
Increased takeoff weightkg70-8580-9595-110110-125130-145
Glider weightkg4.304.554.755.255.75
Projected spanm8.
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Max. chordm2.652.772.883.013.19
Number of cells3939393939
Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1
Trim speedkm/h38+/-138+/-138+/-138+/-138+/-1
Max. speedskm/h48+/-248+/-248+/-248+/-248+/-2
Certification Recommended takeoff weightEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF A
Certification increased takeoff weightEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF A



Essai Alpha 6

Alpha 6 paragliding test of the brand Advance

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