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Flymaster Altivario VARIO SD


New product

The VARIO SD is the ultimate flight instrument specially built for pilots which do not need navigation functions.

Despite a perfectible after sales service, is very complete and is suitable for pilots who already have a gps.

Battery life: 30 hours
Power supply: USB charging or AC 200 volts

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Delivery time about 5 days. Consult us

174,17 €

More info

The FLYMASTER VARIO SD suits for pilots who need no GPS functions.

With FLYMASTER DESIGNER software provided by the manufacturer the pilot can design his own screens. He can place each date where he wants and the size he wants.
Far from being a gadget, this function allows everyone to adjust the display data to the reading ability of his eyes.

Much more robust than its predecessor, the case includes a scratch resistant screen.

Logiciel designer 

Design your own instrument

Need more or less data on your flight screens, with Flymasters' unique Designer you can create the instrument you like and need for your style of flying.

Taking advantage of the Flymaster NAV SD graphic processor, which also allows grey levels and graphics definition increase, pilots can customize their own multiple screen pages using the new Flymaster DESIGNER.

Using the designer users can add, resize or move objects, and increase the font size of text, allowing users of any age (and eye-sight quality) to get the most out of their unit.

The Flymaster Designer is a free application allowing users to design and manage, the screen layout of Flymaster instruments, and update the firmware. An unlimited number of layouts can be created,and shared with other users.